About Oslo

Oslo is the capital of Norway and is as modern and dynamic as is to expected for a capital of a rich Western country. In spite of that, it is relatively small. The city of Oslo has about 500.000 inhabitants, but is stretched out around the Northen end of the Oslo Fjord and is bordered by forests to the East, North and West. The institute (X) is located at the forest border, about 3 miles north of the Oslo Fjord. The center of Oslo, its main shopping areas, night life and governmental buildings are all located between the institute and the fjord. A popular lake for swimming (Sognsvann) is within 20 min jogging distance to the North of the institute. The climate is relatively mild. Surrounding mountains protect against strong winds and the sea stabilizes the temperature. An average summer has about 15 days with maximum temperatures above +25°C and an average winter has about 15 days with minimum temperatures below -10°C. More information can be obtained from Oslo Tourist Information.