Travel information

When arriving at the Oslo Airport Gardemoen, the most convenient is to take the bus (Flybussekspressen) from stand B28. Look for the bus to "Bekkestua/Røa". Tickets are bought (NOK 150) from the driver when entering the bus. Ask the driver from help to getting off at the Rikshospitalet (the National Hospital) bus stop at Gaustad. The drive takes about 45 min.

An alternative is to take the train (Flytoget) to Oslo Central Station (Sentralbanestasjonen) and either a taxi (NOK 90) or the tramway (NOK 20; Holmenkollbanen; Line 1) from there to Gaustad.

Taxi directly from the airport to the institute is expensive (in the range NOK 600-1000 depending on the time of the day and the company), but it is the fastest (about 35 min).

Our institute (Institute of Basic Medical Sciences) is located in Domus Medica (marked in red). The bus stop is at Store Ringvei (red dot on the same side of the road). Above our institute are indicated several buildings in gray. The largest is Det nye rikshospitalet (the National Hospital). Between that and our institute are three buildings. The left one is Gaustad Hotel (#). The middle one (M) is a laboratory building belonging to the National Hospital. The Department of Microbiology (part of CMBN) is on the top floor. The location of Oslo Innovation Center & the Biotechnology Centre of Oslo is indicated (R).

Picture taken from the South just across the road. The buildings belonging to the National Hospital are made of yellow brick while our institute (IMB) has a dark brown metal cover. The distance to Gaustad Hotel from the bus stop is about 200 m.

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